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The assessor’s job is to place a value on all taxable real and personal property within the county as of January 1, this is the assessment date set by the state statute. All county Assessor’s offices are regulated and overseen by the Missouri State Tax Commission. Monthly visits by field representatives and annual spot-review of properties aid them in evaluating the assessor’s compliance with the state statue requirements.

There are two types of local property taxes, Real Estate and Personal Property.

Real Estate Property has three subclasses and at the present time they are Residential at 19% of market value; Agricultural at 12% or production value; and all other at 32% of true value in money. Texas County has over 17,880 parcels on the real property tax roll. Real Estate property is reviewed every two years, to see if any changes need to be made to the valuation. Most common changes are for new construction or demolition of buildings, but changes may be necessary for other reasons including; if the use of a parcel has changed, the age or condition of a structure may require a change in depreciation, or if the market value of an area has increased or decreased. Assessors are required to value real estate within 5% or the market value, per state law.

Personal Property has six subclasses and currently is Grain at ½% of 1%, Historical Vehicle and Airplanes at 5%, Farm Machinery/ Livestock at 12%, Manufactured Housing at 19% and all other at 33-1/3% of true value in money. Texas County has over 103,860 articles or personal property that has to be valued each year. State Statute 137.280 RSMo., requires every taxpayer to turn in a listing of their personal property, as of January 1st and submitted by March 1st. Failure to submit a listing by March 1 can result in a late assessment Penalty up to $100.00.

Using the above statutory subclass percentages, the assessed value is calculated June 1st of each year, the combined totals of Real Estate and Personal tax rolls are turned over to each of the taxing districts (schools, townships, library, health and other). Each of these districts determine what levy is required in order to collect enough money to fund their operation, using their assessed valuation as the base. It should be noted; the County Assessor does not set the tax rate on any type of property. The Assessor’s duty is to set value on property. The tax subdivisions of the county set the levies, thus resulting in a tax statement.

To license your vehicle with new tags you need proof that you paid personal property taxes for the prior year. This is done by either a paid receipt or a waiver (statement of no tax due or a statement of non-assessment) stating the exemption. The paid tax receipt indicates that you were assessed in the county that you resided in on January 1st of that year and that you paid taxes on the vehicle that you owned then. Each county’s receipts are valid at any license bureau/agency throughout Missouri. Every individual owning a vehicle on January 1 with Missouri license plates should get assessed in their county during January or February of each year. If you have moved here from another county in Missouri, you will need to obtain tax records from that county. New residents to Missouri are exempt from personal property taxes as they were not residents of Missouri on January 1. The Assessor’s office issues a statement of non-assessment to those individuals who qualify for them.

The assessment process is very involved and when you have a question, please contact the office, so we can give you the correct answers. Local property tax affects everyone in some way. Understanding how the process works is the first step in changing or improving the system. We will gladly review your parcel and discuss how we arrived at the value on your property. If you buy or sell property during the year make sure the transaction is properly recorded in the Recorder of Deeds office.


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