County Collector & Treasurer
Tammy Cantrell

210 North Grand Avenue Suite 101 (Collector)
210 North Grand Avenue Suite 107 (Treasurer)
Houston, MO 65483 

Phone: 417-967-2580

Fax:      417-967-1439

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This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The County Collector-Treasurer is a four year term.

In Missouri counties with township form of government the offices of the County Collector and County Treasurer are combined into one office. The Collector/Treasurer has two distinct responsibilities.


The Treasurer reports the receipts and expenditures of the County operations to the County Commission. In Texas County the receipts that support the government primary consists of sales tax revenue and fees generated by elected officials of their office. A limited amount of revenue comes from State and Federal Government agencies. In addition, telephone surcharges support the operations of Wri-Tex Emergency 911 services. On the expenditure side, the Treasurer maintains records to determine that expenditures are appropriately attributed to the 36 funds required to operate County Government. The Treasurer also insures that the funds on deposit for the county are insured and drawing the highest possible return.


The Collector’s responsibilities apply to the collection and distribution of all real and personal property taxes, the collection of both current and delinquent surtax, railroad and utility taxes, payment in lieu of tax (PILT) and the private railcar tax. The Collector prepares an annual settlement of the collection of all property taxes.

A County Merchant’s license is required by State Statute to operate a retail or wholesale business in the County. Merchant’s licenses are $25.00 and are purchased in the Collector’s office.

The Collector/Treasurer conduct the Annual Land Tax Certificate Sale on the 4th Monday of August each year at 10 A.M. at the Courthouse. For more information on tax sales, merchant’s license or property taxes contact the office of the Collector/Treasurer.