County Clerk

Laura Crowley

210 North Grand Avenue Suite 311
Houston, MO 65483

Phone: 417-967-2112
Fax: 417-967-3837
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The County Clerk’s office is the “Nerve Center” of county  government: ranging from the daily administration of the County’s business to  conducting elections. The County Clerk serves a four year term and is elected  county-wide.


The County Clerk is the Budget/Accounting officer for that  county and accounts for all monies expended from and received into the various  county funds. The Clerk’s office is responsible for the processing of accounts  payable and payroll for the county. He/she is responsible for the preparation  and publication of the county’s annual financial statements. This office  maintains account books for the county Collector-Treasurer. This provides a  system of “checks and balances”. It is the duty of the Clerk’s office to  prepare and receive all bids for the county for any item or services in excess  of the amount required by law to be advertised for bids.


County Licenses

County Liquor Licenses and Auctioneers Licenses are issued  by the County Clerks office. The Clerk is responsible for signing off on all  county Merchant Licenses. All businesses selling goods within the county are  required by law to obtain this license. These licenses are issued in the county  Collector-Treasurer’s office.


The County Clerk is the local election authority and is  responsible for conducting all elections in the county. This includes  conducting voter registration, maintaining voter registration files and keeping  these files current. To comply with the law, the Clerk mails new voter I.D.  cards every two years. Candidates filing for any County office including County  Hospital and Health Boards must file in the County Clerk’s office. All other  filings are done at the office of that political sub-division clerk or another  designated person. Filings for State and Federal offices are filed with the  Missouri Secretary of State’s office. Campaign Finance Disclosure Statements  that are required to be filed for any local candidate or committee are  maintained in the Clerk’s office. It is the responsibility of the Election  Authority to count the votes cast in an election and to certify the results. A  list of names, addresses and telephone numbers of the County offices, County  Boards and Township Officials are maintained in the Clerk’s office.

Tax Assessments & Tax Books

The Clerk’s office certifies the current year assessed  valuation totals to the county’s political sub-divisions and to the Missouri  State Auditor’s office. This office assists political sub-divisions in  completing necessary documents in setting their property tax levies and  prepares the public notice for setting the county’s property tax levy. It also  prepares and extends tax rates for the Collector-Treasurer’s real and personal  property tax books, railroads and utilities tax books.

The County Clerk serves as the clerk to the Board of  Equalization and the Board of Appeals. He/she by state law does not have a vote  on these boards. The office of County Clerk prepares the tax statements for the  County Collector-Treasurer. This office also maintains the records of any  additions, changes and deletions of the tax books which must have the approval  of the County Commission.


The County Clerk maintains a permanent record of the  proceedings of the County Commission (formerly the County Court), the governing  body of Texas County. These records date back to 1845, the year Texas County  was organized. After being approved by the Secretary of State the Clerk’s  office issues Notary Public Commissions. To comply with certain laws the  clerk’s office maintains a list of all named public records, drives and named  private lanes, it also maintains inventory records of county property. This  office is responsible for preparing forms for the townships to comply with  various laws. The County Clerk provides forms and assistance on completing  Missouri’s “Gas Tax Refund” forms. Upon request the Clerk provides assistance  to township and other elected officials.

As the County’s Budget Officer the County Clerk has overseen  the 2006 Capital Improvement Projects. Federal and State rules and regulations  must be complied with for these projects. The County Clerk spends numerous  hours planning and designing various parts of the project in order to insure  funds are expended as budgeted.