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Personal Property


Who is required to declare personal property? 

RSMo. 137.075 Every person owning or holding real property or tangible personal property on the first day of January, including all such property purchased on that day shall be liable for taxes thereon during the same calendar year. RSMo. 137.340 Every person, corporation, partnership or association owning or controlling tangible personal property shall file with the assessor of the county an itemized return listing all the tangible personal property so owned or controlled on January 1st.

When is the assessment list due?

The forms are mailed out first week of January and need to be returned by March 1 to avoid late penalties.

What if I don't receive a personal property list in the mail?

If you do not receive an assessment list please contact the Texas County Assessor’s office by phone (417)967-4709 or come by our office at 210 N Grand Ave, Houston Mo, suite 201, and a form will be provided to you.

I am no longer a Missouri resident, do I still owe?

Yes. By state law, your tax obligation is established on January 1st. Even if you move to a different state the next day, you are still taxable for the year. Unfortunately, the law makes no provision for pro-rating the tax bill.

Why am I being taxed on a vehicle I no longer own?

You are taxed based on vehicles owned on January 1st of the tax year. Even if you no longer own the vehicles, even if you now own different vehicles, even if you now own no vehicles, you still pay tax based on what you owned on the first day of the year.

What if I listed something incorrectly on my assessment?

The tax statement you receive in November will be incorrect. You will need to contact our office so we can make the appropriate changes.


If my list is received late how much is the penalty and when do I pay it?

The amount of your penalty depends on your total assessed value. (see chart below) The late penalty fee is added to your bill that you receive in November.

Assessed Valuation




















9001 and above



What is a tax waiver (statement of non-assessment)?

A statement of non-assessment, also called a tax waiver, indicates a specific person, business or corporation does not owe any personal property taxes for a specified tax year. A tax waiver is only used to license a vehicle or obtain a business license. You may be entitled to a waiver if you are one of the following:


  • A new resident to the state.
  • This is the first vehicle you have ever owned, or have had titled in your name.
  • You did not own any personal property on January 1st of the prior year.
  • You are military and your home of record is not Missouri.
  • You lease a vehicle, and the leasing company has paid the personal property tax on that vehicle.

In order to qualify, we must also see your vehicle registration and identification.