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The County Sheriff is a county-wide elected office serving a four year term.

The Sheriff, by statute, is the chief law enforcement officer in the county. The position is filled by county-wide election every four years.

The Texas County Sheriff’s Office is entrusted with enforcing the law and preserving the peace in the largest county in the state of Missouri. Texas County is comprised of over 1000 miles of county maintained gravel roads, numerous forestry roads as well as paved roads. The vast expanse of the county itself is a great challenge for patrolling. With this in mind, the Sheriff has been instrumental in initiating neighborhood watch programs throughout the county.

The department is staffed by trained and dedicated individuals.

The new Justice Center houses a new 72-bed jail and employs 18 full time jailers, 3 part time jailers, 4 bailiffs, 2 full time cooks and 1 part time cook.

The Sheriff’s office also maintains 24 hour dispatch for officers in the county.  The Sheriff’s office has many duties to perform. The Sheriff and his deputies investigate all reported crimes committed within the county including homicides, assaults, burglaries, arson, domestic violence, child abuse, illegal drugs and trespass complaints.


Serving civil processes such as garnishments and executions, notice of civil proceedings, land sales, ex-parte orders and criminal processes such as warrants and subpoenas are also part of the sheriff’s responsibilities. The Sheriff is also responsible for transporting prisoners to state correctional facilities, federal prisons and other holding facilities as well as extraditing fugitives apprehended in other states back to Texas County for prosecution.


The Texas County Sheriff’s office works closely with other law enforcement agencies including the Missouri State Highway Patrol, city police departments, drug task force, conservation officers, state child abuse investigators, fire marshals, probations and parole officers, juvenile officers and federal agencies in order to better meet the needs of the citizens living in Texas County.