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Frequently Asked Questions

1.  I am going to sell my land to someone else.  Can you write a deed for me, or do you have a blank deed form I can use?
This office does not create documents or provide blank document forms.  We only record documents presented to us provided those documents meet Missouri Recordation Format Requirements (RSMo Chapter 59, et al.).  If you are not familiar with Missouri recordation requirements, we recommend highly that you use the services of a Missouri based title company or attorney to draft your document(s).


2.  What does it cost to record a document?
Generally, recording fees are $24 for the first page of a document and an additional $3 per page for each subsequent page; i.e., for two-pages, $27, three pages $30, etc.  Exceptions to this fee schedule apply to non-standard documents, plats, surveys and certain liens.  Please refer to the Fee Schedule for detailed information.  **Please Note that a postage-paid return addressed envelope is required for documents presented by mail.


3.  When will my document be returned to me once it is recorded?
If your document was presented in person it will be recorded and returned to the presenter usually within 4-5 minutes.  If we received the document by mail, it will be recorded and mailed the same day.    


4.  What does it cost to make a copy of a document?
Please refer to the Fee Schedule.


5.  Do you accept e-filings/ e-recorded documents?
Yes.  We use Mobilis Technologies LLC for all documents we e-record.  See E-Filing


6.  What do I need do obtain and record a Marriage License?
Please refer to the Marriage License filing requirements.


7.  Are common-law marriages recognized in Missouri?
Missouri ceased recognizing common law marriages in 1922.


8.  I have the address of a certain property.  Can you tell me who owns it?  Can I get a copy of the deed to that property?
We search for documents by name and legal description, not physical address.  The Texas County Assessor’s office can determine ownership from a physical address. They can be contacted at (417) 967-4709.


9.  How can I change the name on my current deed?
To make any changes to ownership of property, a new document must be created and recorded.  A Missouri based title company or attorney may assist you making your desired changes.  The Recorder’s Office does not prepare documents.


10.  Does this property have any liens against it?
There are many types of encumbrances which may be filed against real property.  Some of these liens are filed with the Circuit Court Clerk and are not in this office.  Encumbrances filed in this office include State and Federal Tax Liens, Deeds of Trust, Les Pendens, and other Miscellaneous liens.  Recorder’s office staff will instruct you how to search for liens within our computerized records by name.  To find older liens (i.e., those not on our computerized records), a title search may be required.  **Please Note that Recorder’s office staff ARE NOT CERTIFIED and are prohibited from doing title searches. Contact our office for a list of title searchers in our area.


11.  Does this property have an easement/right-of-way on it?
We search for easements/rights-of-way within our computerized records by name only; i.e., we must know who the recorded owner of a parcel is in order to assist you.  If your property is in a subdivision, please refer to the most recent subdivision Plat, as well as any filed restrictions/covenants which may refer to easements/rights-of-way within the subdivision.  Please understand that an easement filed 75 or 100 years ago by prior owners may still affect your real property.  To find older filed easements/rights-of-way (i.e., those not on our computerized records), a title search may be required.  **Please Note that Recorder’s office staff ARE NOT CERTIFIED title searchers and are prohibited from doing title searches. Contact our office for a list of title searchers in our area.   


12.  Has my property ever been surveyed?
Most surveys of private property are NOT recorded.  **Please note there is NO requirement under Missouri law that a survey be recorded unless the survey is performed by the County Surveyor. Recorder’s office staff will assist in searching for surveys by Section, Township and Range.  If you think that your property has ever been surveyed, it is helpful to know approximately when the survey was performed, which surveyor performed the survey, and for whom the survey was performed.  If a survey of your property was performed by the Texas County Surveyor the survey should be on file in this office by Missouri statute.  If the survey was performed by another surveyor, the probability of a survey being filed in this office is relatively small.


13.  What are the filing requirements for UCC documents?
Effective July 1, 2008, the database for almost all UCC documents are no longer maintained at the county Recorder of Deeds office.  Contact the Missouri Secretary of State’s office for filing requirements.  However, UCC FIXTURE FILINGS are still filed, recorded and indexed at the county level in this office.


14.  How do I record, or get a copy of my Military Discharge (DD214)?
Please refer to the Military Discharge filing requirements.


15.  Can you tell me the selling price of this property?
The selling price of real estate is not required to be stated on recorded deeds in Missouri.  However, if the property sold by a foreclosure sale, the Trustee’s Deed Under Sale of Foreclosure, once filed and recorded in this office, will state the “high bid” on the property during the foreclosure sale.